Radio Tester

T6290D: Highly Integrated solution for 4G



T6290D Wideband Radio Communication Tester is optimized for production test supporting non-signaling tests in remote control mode with 2 RF channels with high speed and accuracy, which can drastically reduce test costs for wireless devices production test both for calibration and verification.

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Technical Features of T6290D

  • Support 2/3/4G/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GNSS RF non-signaling tests:

  • One 2U-box integrates two RFU channels with four full-duplex ports per channel, 

  • Four channels of 5V/3A (5A peak) power supply option to cost down of mobile phone test

  • Remote control interface has can be configured by either GPIB or Ethernet line without any modification in PC configuration set.

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