DC power supply & power test with K6206-V20



K6206-V20 has been widely applied as DC power Supply for DUT under test such as RF FT/BT. In one-stop test configuration, it is also applied to test weak current / charging of mobile phones and electric device. 

In order to fulfill flexible test requirement , K6206-V20 can be set to Single-Mode or Dual-Mode. For the former, one K6206-V20 can be configured as two separated Power Supply/Measurement Instrument with one channel each; for the latter, it is configured as one test with 2 channels, which can offer more power output than that in Single-Mode.

Below is a typical Single-Mode test configuration for mobile phone test:

For Power/Charging test, K6206-V20 can applied in Signal-Mode like this:

In case of Dual-Mode, test can be applied like this :

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