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T6290E : Radio Signal for 5G and latest Wireless Technology



T6290E is a radio frequency signal test platform which covers the none-signaling RF test demands of new technologies in the 5G era. With high capability of 400M-8GHz frequency band and 500MHz bandwidth, T6290E supports 5G New Radio (NR) access technology including that based on 7.125GHz,  also large-bandwidth non-cellular technologies such as Wi-Fi 6E. The excellent hardware capability  of T6290E ensures it can support technology as Wi-Fi 7 just through software upgrade. At the same time, T6290E is backward compatible with 2/3/4G and traditional Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and other wireless characteristics testing, providing full-standard solutions for wireless devices. 

Technical Features of T6290E:

  • Excellent RF Characteristics: 

    Support 400M-8GHz frequency bands, fully support 5G NR/ Wi-Fi 6E testing frequency band; ;bandwidth for transmitting is 500MHz, for receiving is 400MHz;

  • Abundant Peripheral Interfaces:

    Equipped with various interfaces that are easy to build an integrated test environment, including wireless RF port; USB, display port DP, Ethernet, high-speed optical port QSFP,  control port Type-C, trigger (IN/OUT), reference signal (IN/OUT);

  • Flexible Software Options:

    Selectable non-signaling test software for different standards (5G NR/other cellular technologies/IoT/Wi-Fi 6/other Wi-Fi standards, Bluetooth, GPS);

    Interface drivers for RF front-end data;

    Application tools (device test toolkit/RF R&D toolkit)

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