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K6206-V20:Precision Measurement 20V DC Power Supply



K6206-v20 is a high-precision DC program-controlled power supply ,which can meet the DC power supply and measurement of mobile phones, wireless modules, tablets, laptops, routers, smart TVs and other electronic and communication terminals. 

The product provides parallel dual 0-20V stable DC voltage output, with maximum output for 5A/100W for single channel , which can also be used for dual high-precision power supply output for 5G mobile phone . In terms of measurement capability, the product provides both 5A and 20mA current measurement capabilities with measurement accuracy can reach ± (0.1% + 2.5 μ A), which fully meet the needs measurement of both fast charging feature and leak power feature of electronic products.

The volume, weight and energy consumption of K6206-V20 are superior to other products in the market. With benefit cause by the technical advantage such full Ethernet control for remote mode, embedded  8-port Ethernet Switch , touch screen for local operation, test cost is effectively reduced. It is an excellent cost-effective choice for testing scenarios of wireless product R&D and manufacturing.


Technical Features of K6206-V20

  • Support 2/3/4G/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GNSS RF non-signaling tests:

  • One 2U-box integrates two RFU channels with four full-duplex ports per channel, 

  • Four channels of 5V/3A (5A peak) power supply option to cost down of mobile phone test

  • Remote control interface has can be configured by either GPIB or Ethernet line without any modification in PC configuration set.

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